I’m selling two standing tickets for Paramore Friday 27th September. Please message me if interested.

I’m moving away for uni and I really need the money! I won’t be able to afford travelling back to London, etc. so if you want them, ask meeee!

Anyone selling Final Night of Sin tickets?

Message me if you are!

I *have* to go to You Me At Six’s Final Night of Sin!!

If anyone has any spare tickets that they don’t mind selling, please message me!

I reeeeeeaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyyy wanna go :3

  • people: any girl would be lucky to have you
  • me: who is this any girl you speak of, bring her forth
Cranberry juice makes your breath smell like crap. #Stuffyouneedtoknow.

I’m obsessed with this show <3

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at what age do i just magically turn hot

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